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Every artist has their own journey, a path that leads them to that breakout moment. For Trina Broussard, that moment came with her bold cover of Minnie Riperton’s classic “Inside My Love,” which was featured on the acclaimed Love Jones: The Music soundtrack. However, Trina’s story starts before that fateful cover. With two parents who were jazz musicians, music was bound to be in Trina’s blood. She’d prove that in the early ‘90s when she sang background for legendary artists like Babyface, Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey.

In the time since “Inside My Love,” Trina was signed to both So So Def and Motown records, but neither pairing worked out for the singer. She decided to take a break from recording to sort things out and it was during this time that she would connect with Corey Miller and Anthony Richards of R&B Moguls Entertainment. That connection led to her most recent single, 2016’s soulful midtempo jam “Adieu.” The song was a welcome return, with music sites like SoulTracks and SoulBounce heralding her flawless vocal and the song’s tight production, and it still continues to garner high praise.

Her talent and her selective output would perhaps prompt many to wonder why she isn’t “bigger” or basking in the same spotlight as some of her peers. Trina answers those questions and finally puts them to rest with her latest single, “Right Where I’m Supposed To Be.”

“Right Where I’m Supposed To Be” is an autobiographical journey on which Trina tells her life story, starting with her Texas upbringing and moving on to her time in Georgia and how her music career blossomed into what it is today. While she does deal with her past on the song, “Right Where I’m Supposed To Be” doesn’t dwell there. Instead, she’s celebrating the now while acknowledging the lessons she’s learned, singing on the chorus,  “Feeling fine / Got peace of mind / And it’s right on time / It’s time to shine / ‘Cause I know that I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

The single and its message of embracing the now finds Trina teaming once again with Atlanta-based production duo R&B Moguls Entertainment. “Right Where I’m Supposed To Be” has a solid musical backdrop which surrounds her vocals with modern R&B production that aids her in telling her story while still delivering a head-nod worthy sound.

“‘Right Where I’m Supposed To Be’ is about wherever you are in life at that very moment good, bad, ugly, or indifferent. [It] is all based on a decision,” Trina says of the song. “For me at this moment, I’m choosing inner peace, boundaries, self forgiveness, and doing the work day by day for the betterment of myself and for those around me that I love and for those that LOVE me.”

It looks like Trina Broussard’s journey has led her right where she belongs.